Come go with us to explore Whigham, Georgia: Population 450+, and according to Mayor George Trulock, "500 on a good day” and “where the living is easy." It is said that the original name of this community was Harrell, Georgia, but the U.S. Postal office renamed this community after Robert Whigham who was a local merchant. Whigham was incorporated as a town in 1896 and incorporated as a city in 1970. The very small town is home to the "Rattlesnake Roundup" that is held the last Saturday in January every year and the "Deep South Jeep Jam" in March. 

Explore Whigham

Thank you to the following for beautiful images of Whigham, Georgia: “A Whigham Morning” by Nathan Batey, Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve,  Cairo-Grady Chamber of Commerce, and cityofwhigham.net. 

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